Sun Valley Shooting Park in Moxee, Washington near Yakima offers outdoor target practice, shooting classes, and events
Covered rifle & pistol ranges, archery, trap, skeet, cowboy action, rifle competitions and much more
1452 Suntargets Rd., Moxee, WA 98936 | (509) 576-0866
Memberships $150 Now available Lifetime Membership $1750
Sun Valley Shooting Park Annual Board Meeting Tuesday, October 10, 2017 Election of Board Members, Election of Officers. Location Jackson's Sport Bar
48th Avenue and Tieton Drive, Yakima, Wa 98902 6:30 PM


Q:What varieties of shooting are allowed at the range?
A:At Sun Valley Shooting Park, we offer covered pistol range, covered 100-yard rifle range, skeet shooting, trap shooting, and sporting clays. We also have a duck tower, a variety of pits, and a 640-yard long range.
Q:Can I shoot my 50 caliber BMG at the range?
A:No, the 50 caliber BMG is too powerful to safely shoot at our range.
Q:What is the benefit to becoming a member of the range
A:As a member you enjoy access to areas of the range that non-members are not allowed to use. For example, as a member you can shoot in the Rifle-Pistol pits as well as the 640-yard long range.
Q:Can I shoot my fully automatic weapon at the range?
A:No, in order to maintain a safe environment for all shooters at the range, we do not allow fully automated weapons to be fired on the range.
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