Sun Valley Shooting Park in Moxee, Washington near Yakima offers outdoor target practice, shooting classes, and events
Covered rifle & pistol ranges, archery, trap, skeet, cowboy action, rifle competitions and much more
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Sun Valley Shooting Park is a 300-acre outdoor shooting range near Yakima, Washington. We have covered rifle and pistol ranges, as well as 640 yard long range.

Also, only available to members, a new Precision Rifle Shooting Range has been added to the existing long distance shooting area. This new area includes seven different firing lanes with steel targets from 200 yards to 640 yards. Each firing lane begins with its own barricade/shooting position.

We also host Archery, Trap, and Skeet Shooting. We allow pistols, rifles, and shotguns. We do not allow fully automatic weapons in the Park.

We do not provide firearms. Eye and ear protection is available for purchase. Targets are also available for purchase.
(history of property and how the organization and park came to be)
  • EYE AND ear protection is required for all shooters
  • On rifle and pistol range, no rapid fire or double taps allowed
  • Absolutely no shotgun shells of any type are to be used anywhere on the range except the shotgun ranges
  • No steel shot allowed anywhere in the park and no shot size larger than #7 shot
  • All shooters are required to watch a training video before shooting in the Park
(briefly describe some of the popular classes, competitions and events)
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January 8, 2017
By Jerry Bounds
President’s Message 2017

I’m looking forward to having 2017 as the best year ever for the Sun Valley Shooting Park. Improvements are happening all over the park but especially on the pistol range, the 100 yard rifle range, the private bays and the long distance range.

Our close, working relationships continue with the Yakima Police Department, the Moxee Police Department and the Yakima County Sheriff’s office. Their use of the park’s facilities helps these law enforcement officers keep their skills honed and their certifications up to date.

Annual membership remains at $150.00 which includes you and any family member under the age of eighteen living at home. This is a super deal for any individual or a family interested in pursuing activities in the shooting sports arena. Also, these memberships include the use of other specific range areas like the private bays and the long distance shooting range. These areas are not available to daily fee payers.

And here’s some very exciting news about what’s coming to the park. Recently much interest has been expressed about providing a place where those interested in precision rifle shooting could practice and maybe compete. So, with this in mind, the board of directors looked into it and discovered it would benefit both those with this specific interest in shooting as well as help Sun Valley Shooting Park grow its membership.

Therefore, the park has made commitments with local businesses to design, build and install a precision rifle shooting range on the present long distance shooting area. This new range will include ten shooting alleys extending from several hundred yards to 640 yards. Each alley will include its own shooting barricade and assorted AR 5000 steel targets. A total of 49 new steel targets will be installed. In addition, the current long distance shooting area will still be available in its current state. Nothing will be replaced, just improved.

This new range facility should be open sometime in early spring. And, if all goes well, as I’m sure it will, we plan to organize and run four or five Precision Rifle Shooting Competitions this late spring and summer. Remember, however, the use of this facility is only available to full members and its use will still require a spotter.

Come out to take a look. Spend a day or a few hours with us. You will appreciate our friendly and helpful staff, Harold and Keith, as well as have a fun time. And please, do not be afraid to ask questions or to ask for help. Our goal is to provide the safest, most well maintained shooting park we can.

Due to the fact that we are a non-profit organization, things are expensive and we are looking to have some tools donated. If you have any of the tools listed below we would appreciate the donation (donations to the Park are tax-deductible and we will provide you with a receipt):

Hand Tools:

Two Office Chairs
Pair of Folding Saw Horses
50’ tape
Two 6" Irwin Quick Grip adjustable hand clamps
Tow Straps
Ratchet Tie Downs
Engine Hoist

Power Tools:

Lawn Edger
Bench grinder
Reciprocating saw (saws all)
3/8 power drill
100 ft extension cord

Jerry Bounds, President
Sun Valley Shooting Park
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