Sun Valley Shooting Park in Moxee, Washington near Yakima offers outdoor target practice, shooting classes, and events
Covered rifle & pistol ranges, archery, trap, skeet, cowboy action, rifle competitions and much more
1452 Suntargets Rd., Moxee, WA 98936 | (509) 576-0866
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Memberships $150 Now Available Lifetime Membership $1750 (Payable Online)
Park is OPEN Check President Message Check Guide Lines click on tab: About the Park
MASK REQUIRED in Clubhouse / 22 LR Rifle Range Now Open Members ONLY

Membership Renewals

NEW Members may now renew their membership online using a credit or debit card.
First, scroll down this page to watch the new training video.
Then use the form below.

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Membership Renewals
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TERMS: No refunds. Lifetime memberships are non-transferrable.
Memberships are renewed for 1-year from date of renewal,
or from expiration date, whichever is later.
All members must sign in and out of the Range for each visit.

Safety Training Video

This is our current training video. It is required viewing for all Shooters.
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